Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An open letter to myself

Dear Me@17,

Stop worrying so much about what you look like. You are curvy and beautiful. Stop tugging your shirts down to hide your hips. Stop wearing jeans in the heat of summer to hide your legs. Love yourself.

Dear Me@18,

Don't marry him.

Dear Me@19,

I told you not to marry him.

Dear Me@21,

So, now look at yourself. Miserable. Fat. Hurting. You really should have listened to your instincts. Put down the pasta and cake and figure stuff out. And, go to college for goodness sake- you are too smart to be doing what you are doing.

Dear Me@23,

You never listen.

Dear Me@26,

Good for you. You finally left him. Packed up a truck and bolted. Now your life can begin. Go on a diet, clean up your act and your mind. Talk to God.

Oh, and wear sunblock and moisturize. Trust me.

Dear Me@28,

Yes, those are crows feet and wrinkles. See letter to 26 yr old self.

Dear Me@29,

Yes, you can trust him. Marry him. Love him. Change your world and yourself. Give God a big high-5 for the blessings. Keep going to therapy. Keep working on casting light into the darkness.

Dear Me@30,
Hold tight. She's due any day. No, you won't blow up. Stop whining.

Dear Me@31,

Didn't I tell you to moisturize? Sheesh.

Dear Me@33,

Right now it is as it should be. Completion of dreams. Love in abundance. Dark clouds scattered, umbrella in hand. You are so strong. You are so good. God loves you. You love God. Go and LIVE.

Oh, and don't forget to moisturize.