Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Actual Conversation



I'm hungry.

Okay. Whatcha want?

Hmmmm. *puts finger seriously on chin, eyes half closed*

*I tap my foot*

Maaaamaaaa, I am sinking!

Okay, okay.

I will have a wedge of stinky cheese, an apple, and some thin sliced turkey.

Ahem. Okay. Anything else, your majesty?

Ummmm, pincess, mama. Puuuuh-leez.

Don't push your luck, tonto.

PINCESS tonto!

Okay, whatever.



Do we have any water crackers?

Uhhhhhhh,no. We have goldfish.

No, no no. How about some of those yellow grown up crackers?

Okay, sure.

Ummm mama?


I don't want fugi apples. I only like Jonagold now.


I only WISH I was kidding.