Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am feeling at once very blessed and very very heavy hearted. A boy in our neighborhood, one we just recently met and played with at the pool, has been diagnosed with a cancerous mass in his abdomen.

I heard the news while I watched my two kids play in the yard. It had been a long day and the kids were edgy and grumpy, making me the same.

And then I heard this, and none of it mattered anymore.

I have such a deep sadness and heaviness in my soul for this family, this mama, this sweet 3 year old little boy.

I am asking you to pray, to write his name on your hand, on a post it. To remember him and lift his name to heaven. To stand in the trenches with this family and intercede on his behalf.

His name is Sean. He is only three. Please pray.