Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Actual conversation...

Sesame street is on...Big Bird is talking about a birdseed omelet.

Me: Ummmmm why would big bird eat an omelet? Isn't that just...wrong?

Mark: Why is that wrong?

Me: Cause he is a BIRD...duh! That would be like me eating unfertilized human eggs.

Mark: Oh yeah.

*we sip coffee in silence*

Me: I wonder if he eats turkey?

Mark: Well, of course he does. Why wouldn't he?

Me: Cause it would be like cannibalism.

Mark: But turkeys are dumb.

Me: *blank stare* ummmm, okay.

Mark: I think he eats turkey.

Me: *nods wisely, goes back to sipping coffee*

There you have it my friends....the discussion between a intensely smart man with his masters in anatomy and physiology, and his formerly intellegent and well read wife.

Don't be jealous.