Tuesday, October 5, 2010

20 Random Things About Me

1. I love coffee. Like a person.

2. I hate to cook.

3. I named my daughter Lily after watching the movie "Bad Girls". Don't watch it. It's stupid and badly acted. But I loved the way one of the characters would say "Lily". And so, there it is.

4. My husband is my best friend who I occasionally wanna back over with my car.

5. Last night, my husband followed me to the store in our car as I biked and pulled our 2 kids in the bike trailer. On the way home, he passed us and was eating chips. I kid you not.

6. No, the last random thing wasn't about me, but nonetheless it needed to be said, because seriously?

7. Sometimes I look around at my kids and husband and feel like I am surrounded by idiots.

8. My pinkie toes look like cashews.

9. I cannot sleep without my pillow I have had since childhood. It's disgusting and smelly and I like it that way.

10. I drool in my sleep, making number 9 even more disgusting.

11. I yell too much at my daughter because she is JUST LIKE ME. Gah. I hate that!

12. I love makeup. Putting it on, doing new things. Sometimes this means I go to Stroller Strides looking like an opera singer. Please ignore this. It means I found 10 minutes to myself.

13. I love old lady nightgowns. Like with the ruffles and lace and ankle length.

14. I wish I could loosen up and be happier sometimes.

15. I love to sing. Love it. I am a terrible singer. Can't carry a tune in a bucket.

16. My husband would rather slam his head in a car door than listen to me sing. This makes for ultra fun car trips.

17. My son's smile can melt me.

18. My daughters whining can make me so high strung I am like a poodle on crack.

19. My new life motto is- "Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate".

20. I smell coffee. Asta.