Thursday, September 30, 2010

What remains

I cannot say that love did not exist
or that it was conquered and vanquished
I cannot say I was left alone
because along the way
there were dozens
and still are
a "heart family"
instead of a blood family
an ebb and flow of people
to fill the void
like tide
and so what remains,
is the pictures
of her leaning over me
my first bath over, her lips pressed to my cheek
and what remains is
his face in the pictures
smiling at me as I held the camera
and what remains is
the family I have created,
like patchwork over my life
and what remains is
this love God gave me
like a flower in my soul
and my ability to not hate or hurt
but to feel and hold the pain
without it consuming me
and what remains is
my family
my lips pressed to my babies sweet cheek
my voice singing singing with my daughters
my heart so full of love it hurts
what remains is what I have created
from what remained of me