Friday, December 31, 2010

As the bowl swirls...

Once upon a bowl, there was a daddy.

He felt all alone.

His wife felt alone too.

She took care of the babies alone.

Went places alone

She tried to explain to the children that daddy had a disorder.

Daddy was sad.

And cold, too.

Until one day, the daddy drove himself to the hardware store and got wheels for his potty!

And voila! Now he could join his family for birthday parties!

He could read his daughter a bedtime story- "What exactly IS irritble bowl syndrome?"

And then he could lay down his tired head. Well, kinda.

Neither one was lonely anymore. And so what if they had to wear lotsa perfume to hid the stench, they were together.

Daddy could even work!

And watch his favorite shows!

Mommy even convinced him to do dishes.

He took the kids to the park!

And joined them on family outings

A happy family is one that can be together!

And they all flushed happily ever after.