Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear God...

Dear God,

Give me strength to love myself.
Give me strength to love myself enough.
Strength to put myself first, not last.
To put myself on the list.

Give me wisdom to know when to hang on.
And when to let go.
Give me wisdom in my love, and in my affection.
To not be desperate for acceptance.
But to know you accept me, and be still in that.

Give me love in abundance.
Give me bold in loving, in being vulnerable.
Make my hands and feet a radical tool for your work.
Let me see the soul in pain, the hurt behind the mask.

Let me be the one.
The one they come to.
The one who heals. The one who prays.
The one who listens and whispers into the brokeness-
"God loves you, so so much."

Let me remember to say it to myself.
Let me BELIEVE it, Lord, please.
Let me let go. Let me be healed.
Let me be free.

I want to hear you.
Your words.
I want to listen, and not overcome it with my own thinking.
I am weary of fighting with myself.
I am tired.

I want to be wholly yours.
In every way.
Not just in what I give to others,
but what I also give to MYSELF.

Please help me to give myself what I need.
Kind thoughts.
Kind words.

Let your love for me be something I believe.
A gift I give to myself.
Let me see myself through your eyes.
Let me do your work, including loving myself as you do.
Seeing myself as you do.

Beauty is many things.
But nobody is more beautiful than when they beleive God loves them
And I believe.