Monday, September 22, 2008


Dearest April,

My oldest and dearest. My bestest. My sister, my friend, my confidante, my sometimes ass kicker. I love you to the moon. No new circumstance or new friends could ever change that.

I know you said the other day that you are little jealous that my NC friends get to spend time with me. I love them also...but it could never be the same as what you and I have. You have seen me at my best, my worst. You have cried with me, been silent with me, laughed your crazy ass off with me, and loved me for 16 years now. 16 years! You know me, and love me anyway.

I was reading something the other day that said a true friend completes a part of you you didn't know was missing. That is so true of you and I. You have completed my life, my family, my sentences, and made my world a better place. You are loyal. You are true. You take me as I am.

You were my first phone call when I found out I was pregnant with Lily. You came after she was born and at cheesecake with me for a week. You held her while I slept. You kissed her sweet head and marveled over her as if she was your own. And I did the same with your girls.

I will never forget when you came after Lily was born. She was 5 days old, and I met you at the airport. You walked out and I stated immediately crying, and so did you. You were the first person besides Mark I shared her with. I will never forget those days, never.

I will never forget cruising with you, getting Pepsi at Gas N Shop, working at the care center, partying in corn fields, going to Colorado in my dad's RV, going to the lake and frying ourselves, crying over boys, fighting and never being able to stay mad at each other, and picking up right where we left off even if we haven't spoken in a while.

You are my best, my happiest, my most, my sister at heart. Never, ever think anyone can take your place.

I love you bunches.