Thursday, September 18, 2008

A shameless plug...

(the model was less than willing, so bear with the bad pics)

My dresses! I must say, I love them, and not just because I made them. First of all, they are completely adjustable in length, due to the bows, they can be worn alone in warm weather, or over a long sleeved shirt/turtleneck with jeans or leggins in cooler weather. The are nearly one size fits all, as little ones can wear it as an ankle length, tea length, or knee length dress, and older girls can wear it as a tunic or blouse over pants.
Plus, I am SO tired of putting my daughter in the frilly pink choices that everyone seems to have for dresses. I love these prints because they are unusual.
I am also making the more traditional pillowcase dresses!

I have washed several of these, and dried them as well, and they hold up beautifully. The only caveat is they must be washed on cold for the ribbon to hold up well. They are completely colorfast and stains come out easily.
Since they grow with your child, they can wear them for quite a while!
So, I hate to use my blog to plug these, but what the heck. They aren't necessarily a way to make money, although that is nice. I am making them mostly because it's so dang fun!
Let me know if you are interested. I plan on making several in the next few weeks!
*more pics to come later...hopefully Miss Thing will be better behaved! :)