Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear God

Dear God,

Thank you for reminding me, in the smallest of ways, just how big you are. How great your love is, and how much I am loved.

Today, I felt your presence as I sat to eat a beautiful meal a friend had prepared for me. I thought of you as I tasted a tomato, ripe and beautiful from the sun. A tomato my friend shared with me. Simple but sweet.

I felt you today as I made an effort to be appreciative of my husband. To see everything he does for me. He is a gift I can never thank you enough for.

I thank you for friends that get my sense of humor. (South Dakota- woot woot!)

I thank you for my heart, that keeps opening further and further, and trusting more and more.

I thank you for a best friend that will vacation in my city so she can see me.

And I thank you most of all, for my sweet babies. For the smell of shampoo and baby powder. For sweet little souls. For love and smiles.

I thank you also, for the deep sadness that creeps up. For thoughts of Joshua. For loss. For anything that glorifies you, Lord. I thank you for it all.