Thursday, April 7, 2011

An open letter to any new, old, or soon to be friends.

Listen. I'm not a low key kinda friend. I'm not happy with "hey we will catch up sometime, let's do lunch, yadda yadda yadda". I'm not content to be a spectator in your struggles or your pain. I won't stand aside and let you blow it or make mistakes or sit in your woundedness.

I won't act as if I don't see your hurt. I won't act as if your triumphs are no big deal. I am here for all of it.

I will jump in with both feet and do it all with you- scale the mountains, camp in the valleys. I will walk along every muddy messy step you take down any dark road life leads you. I will lift you high with prayer, but I will also use my hands and feet as God tells me to help you throught your life.

I am not a sit back, drink cocktails, and talk about nothing important kinda friend.

I want it all. I want all of the ugliness, and all of the beauty. I want to know what made you who you are, no matter how badly you think it makes you appear. I want to know your wounds and your mistakes. I want to cover you with love and care when you are weak and lean on you when you are strong.

If you are looking for a casual friendship, I'm sorry, I don't do that. I refuse to have surface realtionships anymore. I refuse to love with indifference or pretend that what goes on in your life does not matter to me.

You are important in my world. You are special to me. I treasure you.

I am not an easy friend to have. I ask the hard questions. I want to know the good AND the bad. If you want to hide it because you are afraid I will judge, don't. All I want is to help you through what I can. All I want is to celebrate your life with you, whether it is easy or difficult.

So, if you are looking for surface friendship, I'm not your gal. I'm not going to discuss celebrity gossip with you. Okay, I will, but only after I ask you with all sincerity how YOU are.

I want to know you. YOU. The real you, not the face you put on for the rest of the world.

So. Now that that is outta the way, my friend... How ARE you?