Friday, July 25, 2008

Moments of Holiness...

I'm always hearing these preachers on TV talking about what is sacred, what is holy, what is godly. It always seems these things they are speaking of can only happen in church, or in a profound life revalation.

I say bull hockey.

Just since waking this morning I have experienced holiness half a dozen times. In the first glimpse of my daughter waking from her dreams, inhaling her scent with my eyes closed. The first sip of coffee, strong and sweet. Feeding Lily her breakfast and watching as she takes in nourishment. Walking out into the brilliant sunshine. Using my body to power thru a long walk/jog. The feeling of my legs working, my feet touching the ground. Watching Lily's sweet little toes bob as we ran. All of this is as holy as any time I have spent in church, prayer, or the pursuit of God.

It's holy because I recognize it as such. Because I acknowledge the blessedness of my life. Because I love God and am grateful for all He has given me, and all he has allowed me to give myself. I am especially grateful for discernment of these moments, and for the ability to take them in a cherish them.

The holy land is right here, in my home. Heaven is between these walls. Holiness is in my daily walk with my family. I cannot make God small enough to fit into one hour every Sunday. He has to follow me home. He has to be there, in everything that I do- from caring for my child, to the mundane task of washing the dishes or wiping down the counters. He is in every movement I make, every word I say, and every breath I take. This is the accumulation of faith. It is not in the big moments, it is in the small ones.

Enjoy your small moments today.