Sunday, August 17, 2008

I will be

Dearest Lily girl,

You are the reason I go on. You are the reason I exist, as I am. You make me whole, you heal me. I need you now, your joy, your spirit, your presence. I need you to need me, and you do. Thank you, my sweet sweet angel.

You make me laugh when I want to cry. You make me cry with your smiles. I could never ever tell you with words how very much I love you. The love I have with you is the only pure love I will ever know- the only one that can never come undone or be unraveled. We are each other's, always.

In my heart there is a space that only God dwells. It is a place for peace, for my soul to rest. It is a place I keep open and tender, just for Him. But since you have come into my life, my sweet baby girl, that space has grown to include you. You wander the halls of the deepest places in my soul, you grace me with your presence there.

You are a blessing in a time of great sadness. You are happiness and joy in the sorrow. You are the song in the silence, the heartbeat between the thunder and lightning. You are more than I could have ever imagined, more than I could believe I deserved.

From the moment I touched your face, looked into your eyes, you have become my greatest love. My devotion will never falter, never fade. I promise you that while I exist on this earth, you will never be lonely.

I will stand behind you when you need support. I will stand behind you when you turn your back to me. I will hold you when you need comfort, and be a silent companion when you need space. I will be...whatever the need is, I will be.

You will never have to question my love for you. It will be here until I last draw breath and beyond. I will not leave you, and will be your voice when you cannot speak for yourself.

Anything you need, I will be.

Love, love, and more love,