Thursday, August 21, 2008

Somebody somewhere...

Well here goes.

Does anybody ever feel like somebody else really "gets" them?

Like really?

Cause nobody gets me.

I'm not saying this with anger or sadness at all. I'm hard to get.

I have a twisted sense of humor. I am just twisted in general. I am weird. I know this.

But why does my husband look at me like I have 2 heads? I mean, c'mon dude...just cause I am singing the "Wonder Pets" theme song as I fold laundry isn't any reason to ask me if I am smoking crack. So what if Lily isn't even around to hear it?

And now, yup you guessed it, Lily is starting to look at me that way. She is SOOOOO over me. I am no longer as funny as I used to be. Gone are the days when she would crack up over a hand puppet made with a burp rag. I could have a whole gaggle of hand carved Austrian puppets and she'd simply yawn and wave me away like some sad joker trying to entertain a queen.

Oh sure, I have fantastic girlfriends who love me, and I assume, my sense of humor is part of that. But I'm sure there are times when they are thinking- huh?

And that's okay.

I just sometimes wish....oh I dunno, that I had a clone. You know, somebody who was stunningly beautiful like me (ahem, stop laffin) and who could understand me fully.

Knowing my luck, my clone wouldn't like me.

But I'm just twisted enough that that would be....funny.