Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm convinced..

God has a sense of humor. Because any God that didn't would never, ever, put men and women together and expect them to get along.

I am convinced some days He is up there looking down and elbowing St. Peter: "Watch this- he just told her she looks fat in that dress!" or "Oh boy, lookout, Mark just laughed at Bella when she was angry."


They say motherhood is not for wimps. Well at least with motherhood you get instinct. With marraige, there is none of that to go on. Some days I feel like I am living with an alien. A stinky, hairy alien, but thats beside the point. An alien none the less.

Double oy.

Sometimes I think the people in the old days had the right idea- have a huge house, have seperate bedrooms. Have social schedules that allow you to see each other only to eat the occasional meal and sometimes to procreate. Sounds like bliss right now.

But bliss is not what I have. What I do have is a great husband that knows how to push my buttons. I have a husband who backs away and speaks in a verrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy soooooooooooooothing toooooooooooooooone when I get upset. A husband who laughs when I am angry because it's "so cute". A husband who told me tonight to be "more frugal" because I had the audacity to want to buy Lily some fall clothes *gasp* before all the cute ones sold out. He told me cute clothes were "uncessary".

Say it with me, ladies: "Oh no he di'nt!!!"

Anyway, I know I'm complaining about bs stuff here. And I know I have it good. But sometimes, just sometimes, I think that lesbians have the right idea. The toilet seat is always down, house is always clean, cute clothes are a given, and throw pillows are not something to roll the eyes at.

I hear ya laughing, God. And I don't blame ya a bit.