Monday, October 20, 2008

10 ingredients for a perfect fall day

1. Waking up at 8:30 to a snuggly husband, a still sleeping baby, and a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen.

2. Jogging in the crisp fall air and warm sunshine.

3. Having the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

4. Singing loudly in the car, and glancing in the rearview to see Lily singing too, the same look of contentment and joy on her face.

5. Having the windows open all day, and enjoying the beautiful breeze on my skin.

6. A hot, sweet, cup of coffee in the early afternoon while watching my daughter play in the grass.

7. Playing in the park with Lily, realizing she is grown enough to slide, climb the stairs, and ask to swing. Shed a few really, really happy tears watching her.

8. Strap 22 pound toddler to my back in the Beco, carry her all over the park without huffing and puffing (including up the stairs, twice!) and realize that I am SO MUCH stronger than I give myself credit for.

9. Watching my baby girl rip into a chicken leg and devour it like a monkey on a cupcake- her appetite raging after playing in the park, running around the fabric store, and enjoying the sunshine.

10. Having a deep feeling of contentment and happiness, sitting in this warm house, with a sleeping baby in the other room, nancy grace on the tv, and a warm cup of tea in my hand.