Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 years ago today.....

I am not a big believer in marriage. Yes, I know. I AM married. Hence the pics. It's legal and everything. But no, I am not a big believer in it. I could give you a thousand reasons, none of which have to do with my husband, and everything to do with me. But I won't. They are tedious and, frankly, nobody's buisness. Suffice it to say had Mark not come along I would be the crazy cat lady on your block. Seriously.
I am, however, a believer in committment, in love, and in giving youself to another person. Even when it's hard. And comittment, love and laughter are something I have in spades.
The past three years have not been easy. They've been hard. But, if I could just bottle the joy and the laughter, the ease with which we have with one another, I would be a rich woman. The feeling I get when it's Mark, Lily and I and we are laughing and enjoying just being together. The feeling of sleeping next to my husband, knowing how good and strong he is. The feeling of being my crazy, goofy, moody and vulnerable self, and knowing he loves me despite it all.
He takes me, bad and good. He loves me no matter what. He is patient when I am not, and strong when I am weak. And he is giving, and has taught me humility, forgivenss, and the power of admitting when you are wrong.
So three years ago, we had been together a while. We knew what we were in for. We knew the deal. We got married anyway. :) And now here we are, with a beautiful daughter, and our life before us. I look forward to the next 30 years- to laughing until I pee myself, to fighting until we make up, to the good times and the bad times. To babies and birthday parties, budgets and bills.
I am looking forward to all of it, because he is by my side.
I love you, Mark. More than chocolate. More than music. More than my toe. Now and forever.