Monday, May 2, 2011

It's not over.

Mark and I woke up to the news that Bin Laden is dead.

I was immediately elated. And just after, stricken with guilt for being elated.

After all, I am a child of God. And God does not celebrate over death of an enemy.


Evil has lost a figurehead this day. Evil has been defeated in this small way.

Justice, after 10 years. Or is it?

Is it justice that this evil evil man has been shot in the head when 3000 of our fellow Americans died a fiery and terrible death?

Is it justice that he died quickly and had a burial in the Islamic custom when so many of our people were never recovered? And so many of our military have given their blood and lives to find him?

Is that justice? A quick death?


But it is what is. And evil is less powerful today than yesterday.

I am not celebrating death today. I am celebrating that evil has been trumped in this small way on this day. That our country somehow has a bit more peace knowing this monster is gone.

I am celebrating our military's patience and dedication to hunting this man down.

I am celebrating that our memory is long and our patience more so, and that we REMEMBER what this man did, and that we were relentless in finding him.

I am celebrating that the evil that brought down the towers has lost their figurehead.

But I know it's not over.

Far from it.

This is good and evil. This is predicted and known.

In a way, it is just beginning. Not ending.

So today we clelebrate the defeat of evil. And tomorrow we get back to the buisness of rooting it out and destroying it.