Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture this...

A mother, lets call her Stella, sits on the toilet, in excruciating pain because the anti-biotics she has taken for a raging sinus infection is causing her guts to feel as if they are being pulled out thru her belly button.

Her 2 year old daughter, let's call her Milly, has ambled in after her becuase naturally there is no privacy with toddlers.

The mother moans and begins crying. It's been a long day filled with a fussing whiny baby, snotty noses, excruciating head and face pain, and of course nausea. As it stands the mother got the anti-biotics on saturday, but refused to take them because she didn't want to cause any harm to her unborn bean. Even though the doc said it was fine. She is tough.

That was before her face began to feel like she was hit with a baseball bat, and her ear began oozing. Of course she gave in after lying on the couch in agony all day. Little did she know the fun was just beginning.

So, back to the bathroom scene. The toddler sees mommy begin to cry and starts crying herself. Mommy quickly recovers and puts on a happy face. She asks little Milly what would make her happy. Milly says, of course, a song. Mommy asks what song.

"Ohohohohoh" Milly replies.

Yes, of course. Single Ladies by Beyonce.

So mommy, in the midst of her gastric distress and pain, does a adequate job of singing "Single Ladies" for her sweet girl. But is this enough? Oh no. She must have dancing as well.

So yes, mommy does a toilet dance, complete with hand gestures and a catchy little shoulder shake. All from the potty.

Somehow I don't think this is what Beyonce had in mind when she sang about "up in the club".

But that's how we roll around here.

And how was YOUR day, friends?