Saturday, March 14, 2009


Let me tell you a story.

Around 2 years ago, I was living the most lonely time of my life. I was in a city where I had made very few friends, I had a new baby, a husband who traveled, and I was feeling pretty low. I didn't leave the house for days sometimes.

It was just me, Lily, and the dog. Looking at each other.

Needless to say, I got pretty depressed.

The around Febuary of 08 I took Lily to the park. We were on the swings when I struck up a convo with another mom there. Her son was swinging alongside Lily, they were about the same age, and we commisserated about how our kiddos didn't sleep.

She began to tell me about the fitness class she taught. Just for moms. Kiddos welcome. All fitness levels welcome. She was so open and positive. I took a flyer and intended to go.

But life intruded. I lost the flyer. I didn't make it to the class. Then I went to a baby expo, and there she was again. This time I knew I was supposed to go. So I did.

The woman was Jody, owner of Stroller Strides. I cannot tell you the impact this has had on my life. I met other mommies. I worked out every single day. Lily made friends. My body shaped up and grew strong.

But it is my spirit that has been saved. I have been a loner my whole life. Circumstances have necessitated this. I have one lifelong friend and a smattering of others. This is the first time in my life that I have a large group of friends that love each other, support each other, and care about all of the big and small things going on in our lives.

When I first started with SS, I was weak from a year spent doing nothing. I couldn't jog a block. I couldn't go up a flight of stairs. I couldn't carry Lily for too long without puffing.

Oh how times have changed.

This is me this morning, after completing my first 5K. 5K!!! In the grand scheme of things, it is a small victory. But in my life, it is huge. I worked hard enough on my body to complete this. I worked hard enough on my spirit to go out and do a 5K without worrying if I was too fat or too out of shape. I walked, ran, jogged, and didn't worry about what anyone thought of me. I walked for my team, yes, but I also walked for ME. I counquered a thousand fears today.

My team is awesome. They are atheletes, mommies, and wives. They are good friends, good people, and role models.

Teamwork isn't just lipservice to these women.

They are sisters of my heart. GO TEAM STROLLER STRIDES!!!