Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just a list

Yeah, I totally copied Dixie.

I am hungry and just asked Mark to make bacon and cheese grits. I won't eat them, but I love the smell.

Yesterday I bought out Costco. Whenever I am feeling insecure I stock my pantry and I feel better.

I really really hate my hair right now.

Tonight I want to wear a cute little dress I got from Old Navy, but it might be too cold. Bummer.

Lily has just the most awful cough. It hurts my heart.

Mark smells like a musk ox. But I love him.

I don't smell any better, frankly.

I love to do laundry, but I hate folding clothes.

I got all the laundry done yesterday!!! Woot woot!!!

My house is clean. I am going to enjoy the 3.5 seconds it stays that way.

The windows up here in the office are disgustingly dirty. Damn dog.

We went yesterday and looked at houses in Brunswick Forest. I fell in love with one that was 450, 000. Yeah, not happening. :(

I smell bad, but my toes look pretty. :)

Coffee is my friend.

I watched just a little bit of a infomercial about an abandoned baby center in Oklahoma this morning, and there was a tiny baby named Joshua. He was so tiny and precious. I spilled my coffee all over myself because I got caught up in his eyes.

Last week was tough, but I am tougher. And so is my God.

I am off to smell the bacon and eat cheerios.