Monday, March 16, 2009

RIP old friend

This weekend, we experinced a loss in our family. Okay, I experienced it. Mark could care less other than to tell me to quit whining. Lily is clueless.

This beloved member of our family has been with me two years, through ups and downs. She has accompnied me in bedrest, floated with me in the bathtub while I was pregnant, recovering from birth, and just needed and escape. She has been with me while I was cooking, running, shopping, and relaxing. She has been my saving grace while I had a colicky baby screaming into my ear.

Last week, she suddenly gave out as I was running. I attributed it to temporary heart failure and thought she just needed a recharge. I was so very wrong. She has been in a constant state of near death ever since, and only works when hooked up to machines. I finally decided, after much thought and googling and not a few tears, to pull the plug last night.

The old girl will be missed sorely.

Rest in peace, my cherished Ipod. *sniff*