Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walk with me

For the life of me, I will never understand some Christians. You know the ones- those that put up their noses at anyone and anything they consider "un-christian".

I wonder if these people have ever read the Bible. Ever read the story of the apostles, or of Jesus' ragtag group of followers. Criminals, thieves, prostitutes. Their lives were out of control, careening into chaos, until Christ came into their lives. HE was the difference. He was the factor that took them from where their own judgement had led them to a place where they simply laid down their lives and followed Him. He changed them. Irrevocably and immeasurably.

We are all put on a path from our birth. We choose our steps, we have free will. Some of us walk easily into the arms of God. Some of us take the hard road and scale mountains to get to a place where we can even SEE God. Some of us never arrive. God knows just how long it will take us. He knows every step we will take. He uses every valley, every foothill, and every stumble to teach us. We all have a journey that God has ordained.

In all my life, in all the religions I have participated in, I have never seen anyone come to Christ after he has been condemned. I have seen people flee church, however, after being criticized for their lifestyle and choices. Nothing drives people away like shame. You can't shame somebody into loving God. You can, however, love somebody into loving God. I've seen it. I've been that person.

Do you want to be a good christian? Live your life. Live each day to put a smile on God's face. Be kind. Be loving. Do for others. Offer your shoulder to somebody who is hurting. Deliver a meal to somebody who is having a rough week. Ask the right questions, the hard questions. LISTEN. And love.

And when somebody asks you why you do these things, tell them. Then watch as they take the message, and God begins to work in their life.

You can't drag somebody further along their path to God. But you can walk with them, scale the mountains with them, and make a campfire and sit with them in the valleys.

The journey to God is just as important as the destination. Enjoy the walk.