Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dos Lily's....

If we all behaved like 2 year olds:

we would throw sand without warning

give hugs and snotty kisses without a trace of embarassment

hand our unwanted chewed food over to somebody like it is a gift

yell "mine!!!!" and "no!!!!" whenever we felt like it

love our friends without worrying if we will be loved back

have our mothers lead us naked across a beach access parking lot, hose us down with no dignity and think it was fun as heck

cry when we leave our friend we have been fussing at all day

talk incessantly about our friend to our mommy

say "I love Lily and Kayeee" as we fall asleep

Friendship is not about keeping score. It's not about who did what for whom, or who does more. It's about caring for all the small and big things, from how the chicken you made for dinner was to how you are coping with a loss. It is in saying "I'm thinking about you." and "What's wrong?" and wanting to know the answer. It is in comfortable silence and having so much to say you interrupt each other. It's about loving the same God and praying for each other. It's about not being afraid to say the things that with others would sound silly. It's about trust. And when it's good, it's effortless.

Kary, thanks for sharing your daughter with me. Thanks for the laughing. Thanks for following me into the bathroom that day and letting me cry. Thanks for the sandwich and the tent and the faux crocs. Thanks for loving my Lily. I'm so glad we met.