Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There's no place like it. Nowhere can be better than your own piece of heaven on earth- the home you create. The place where everything is as you chose it, your babies can sleep warm in their won beds, and you are comfortable.

I learned many things on this trip- here are my top ten:

1. In a humid climate like Orlando, you will sweat even at 70 degrees. Sweating and a dress leads to chafing. This is very unpleasant and you will waddle...alot.

2. Powder is your friend. (see number 1)

3. When you hear couples sniping at each other and yelling at their kids as you arrive in Disneyworld, you will be judgemental.

4. 7 days later, you will BE THOSE EXACT SAME PEOPLE.

5. Toddlers, even the very adaptable ones, do not like their schedule screwed with.

6. Disney is a well oiled machine. It works tremendously, and they have thought of everything.

7. You pay ALOT for this well oiled machine.

8. You will end your vacation knowing every single penny was well spent. Except the 7 dollars you paid for a plain old helium balloon in the Magic Kingdom. Now that's just plain ridonkulous.

9. Seeing Cinderella's castle through your little girl's eyes will change you. You will cry when she meets the princesses. You will cry when her eyes light up with wonder again and again.

10. In the end, all of the waiting in lines, heat, chafing, money, swollen feet, money, messed up schedules and money will amount to some really really great memories.

On another note, it seems every woman I saw in Disney was pregnant. While I was there, I saw a friend of mine post on facebook that she will be finding out the sex of her baby today. She and I were due just days apart. My heart was so heavy with sadness as I walked with an empty womb through the happiest place on earth. It still is. Tears like a river lie unshed, my throat gets a lump in it, just thinking of it. I'm so happy for all of my friends that are moving on with their families, but God I feel so far left behind...and so burdened with sadness. When will this end? When will I stop feeling such pain and sharp envy when I hear of a pregnancy or see a woman heavy with life? When will it be my turn Lord?

If you can spare a few prayers for me, I sure could use them. The sadness is catching up, and I am unraveling.

Thanks, friends.