Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Actual conversation...

(We are in the car, driving to class this morning.)



Ohno pease. Ohno pease. Ohno!

Ono? As in Yoko? Ono as in Bono?

Ohno pease mama. Pease mama? PEASE?

(cue me frantically looking over my shoulder at her as she signs to me. Random patting of her hands together.)

Ummmm Lily, I don't know what you want.

(pointing) Ohno mama. Ohno!!!!!!

Ummmmm my phone? Water bottle? Two day old apple core?


(she points to my lotion)


Yes, ohno. (she takes it happily)

Then it occurs to me why she calls it by this particular name. Becuase the only time I can find to lotion up my hands is at red lights...and inevitably the moment I put a big glob on my hands, the light changes. Hence the "Oh no!".

Note to self. Find something else to call the $#%*&*((*)%#@ in front of me when he cuts me off. Ahem.